Where traveler

Since 2009, Where has been offering its readers access to its content online through www.wheretraveler.com. Local editors have control over their sites and content is swiftly updated, uploaded and weighted for maximum reader and SEO impact.

The Where Traveler website is also linked to the WhereTraveler app, available for free download for iPhone/iPad. Users can create their own personalised travel plan, using pre-selected itineraries, pick-of-the day suggestions, ‘near me now’ and lots more. 

IN London website

The essential guide to luxury news and events from the capital, the IN London website is designed to complement MVP's quarterly luxury lifestyle print publication of the same name. Between issues, readers can keep up on all the latest developments on London's luxury scene, as well as viewing live updates from the editorial team on Twitter and Instagram as they travel across the city, feeding back on everything from the best looks at London Fashion Week to store openings and the finest restaurants.

Hotel Media boxes

Alongside print publications, MVP magazines appear in the media boxes of in-room iPads in hotels such as the Savoy and The Berkeley. Guests can browse titles including Where London, London Planner and IN London digitally, alongside a selection of major newspapers and magazines from around the world.

With hyperlinked adverts integrated into the iPad edition, audience size and click rates are monitored to measure the popularity of each edition, and the adverts within it – providing vital feedback on the spending habits of each magazine's readership.

While many guests continue to favour the reassuring tactility of a print publication, a digital presence in some of the capital's finest five-star hotels is a valuable asset for the MVP portfolio, providing the chance to browse magazines on a format that is becoming increasingly familiar to a global readership.